We visited Salvage Design Center during their Craftsman’s Market and they had a giveaway pile of old fence and barn doors. We picked up a couple of old, heavy barn doors, even though they were in rough shape. 

We decided to make a headboard out of one of the barn doors. The bottom of it was broken and rotted out so we cut it off. We also had to pound down some nails. We scrapped off all of the loose paint, hit it with a sander, and then painted it with diluted white paint. We antiqued it more with the sander and then coated it with a couple of coats of matte finish polyurethane, lightly hand-sanding between layers. 

I attached it to the wall with a french cleat I cut. And then screwed the bottom into the stands to make sure it was solidly against the wall. And then screwed the bed frame into the headboard. it goes well with the nightstands that we made from an old desk.