I’ve always loved the old “Greetings From …” postcards and have collected several over the years. And since I live in Denver, I thought I’d put together one. I’d done a couple of them before. You can see them here and here. 

This one is bigger than the other ones and is sturdy. I started by building a lightweight and strong frame from 1″ x 4″ held together with pocket hole screws. 

I attached old fence slats bound for the dump using a brad nailer and then rounded the corners with a jigsaw. And then sanded the edges to prevent splinters. 

I created an image in PhotoShop and then projected it onto the wood using a projector and a marker. 

I painted it with some leftover paint, having to mix colors to match the colors I had on my postcard. The texture of the wood was able to shine through. 

I attached a heavy-duty hanger to the back to make sure it stayed up on the wall when put up


5′ wide
3.5″ tall