I got a couple of gorgeous pieces of Ash from ArborScape Woods. I had some friends that wanted a couch table for their vacation home in Arizona. 

After taking off all the bark, I had it flattened at a shop that has the machinery to do it quickly and with great results. 

I filled in the cracks with black epoxy, which was the preferred color of the client to match her color scheme. For the smaller cracks, I used black CA glue. 

After the epoxy fillers, I had it flattened again by Good Wood Hunting

I sanded down to 220 grit before starting to do the final coat of epoxy. I sealed the bottom with polyurethane to make sure the piece didn’t absorb moisture. For the top, I did a light seal coat with epoxy. And then did a couple of flood coats to give it its final beautiful sheen.