I noticed that the Indian Hills Community sign was broken. If you’re unfamiliar with the sign, they have clever sayings that go viral every time a new sign is posted. There is a new one a couple of times a week. It’s very popular on Facebook and Instagram.

The sign is just about 15 minutes from me, so I messaged the people who run the sign and offered my services. They took me up on my offer.

I met with the main guy and he told me what happened. A strong wind coming through the valley had blown the top off and then knocked off the light shining onto the sign.

The top of the sign was expertly made but wasn’t attached very well. I drove 12” lag bolts into the top of the sign into the post, which held it securely.

The next problem to solve was the light. The arm attached to the sign was ripped out of the plywood sign. There was no way to glue it back in. I cut a couple of pieces of sheet metal and attached them to the wood, and then attached the arm to the metal through holes that we drilled.

I was going to try to do it myself but realized I needed an extra pair of hands. A friend of mine lives up the road from the sign so he helped me lift it into place and also did the metal work for me. Was great having the company and the expertise of my friend.

I was happy to help fix the sign since it had given me so many laughs over the years. Hope you’ve seen it. If not, look it up on Facebook.