I found a dresser nearby on Craig’s List that I wanted to repurpose into a vanity for a new bathroom in our basement. It was pretty basic but had good bones, so I bought it. 

There was another dresser there that had a funky emblem of a ship on the front of it. I bought it and ended up using it for the vanity instead of the other one. I used the original one for the new bedroom we had just finished with a remodel of our basement. 

I refinished the dresser for the vanity and stained it with an ebony stain. I put on a lot of polyurethane to keep it from being ruined by water. 

With the top drawer, I cut out the bottom of it to fit around the sink. I created sections on the side to keep things from falling into the next drawer. I used tile holders from a Scrabble game to support the corners. You can see this in the pictures below. 

For the vanity, I removed the bottom drawer and put baskets in there for storage.