This past summer I built several pieces for my backyard and thought, why not start building these for my clients? And here we are. Most of the things I’ve built were done with repurposed materials, either old fence slats from torn-down fences or a pergola that I tore down. If you’ve got an idea for something, just let me know. Call or text me at 720-427-5660.

Things We Can Build

  • potting bench
  • gate entry
  • gazebo
  • pergola
  • trellis
  • wall hangings
  • dining table
  • bench
  • end tables
  • picnic bench
  • swing
  • pavilion
  • raised beds
  • outdoor living room
  • greenhouse
  • playhouse
  • dog house
  • signs
  • she shed
  • bar
  • cornhole
  • free library
  • window boxes
  • Ninja Warrior pieces

This table used to be a pergola that I tore down. All the wood is cedar and had been painted white. I planed all the wood to remove the paint and then put it together. I finished it with watered-down paint and then coated it with exterior polyurethane.

I was tired of looking at our air conditioner so I used some old fence slats I had. I like the look of the old wood and it fits well with the rest of the fencing in the area. This piece could also be used to hide garbage cans.

This is another air conditioner surround that I made for a client. I used new rough-sawn cedar since the client was planning on staining it and had to withstand high winds in their area of town.

We felt like we were too visible to the neighbors. Our lot is elevated from theirs so I made this privacy fence to block each other’s view. Plus we hung lights on it to give it a cozy feel.