A year ago I was contacted about converting a lowboy Mid Century Modern dresser into something useful. She had sold it and a highboy dresser to a woman. The problem was the woman just took the drawer and subsequently left all the drawers in her car during a hot Denver summer. The drawers were ruins so my client was left with a lowboy and highboy dresser that were gorgeous Mid Century Modern but couldn’t be used in their original intention.

I created a bench from the lowboy dresser and she was very happy with how it turned out. This is what she said, “We had a wonderful experience having a dresser with sentimental value repurposed into an entry bench. Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner to our specifications. We now have a “new” item we will cherish again for many years. We would definitely use Green Chair Furniture again!”

Part of her payment was to give me a highboy dresser I eventually turned into this liquor cabinet.

I sanded down the outside of the dresser and put high-gloss polyurethane on it, and then started working on the inside of the cabinet. I removed some of the supports of the previous drawers and painted the inside of the cabinet a bright red.

I lined the back and bottom with beetle kill pine with a high gloss finish. I also added a glass shelf and lights for the top and bottom sections that are controlled with a remote.

If you want to buy this project, call Dave at 720-427-5660 to arrange a time to look at the liquor cabinet.