This was part of a larger project that included these doors, an accent wall, and tabletops. Our client was outfitting his basement to reflect his and his wife’s unique style. 

We used rustic wood from a homestead in the Colorado mountains that had been torn down. We used the wood that was ready for the burn pile to make beautiful doors with unique black iron piping handles and horizontal slats. 

As you can see from the pictures below, we created the doors using slats that are stained black, gray and natural colors. They are connected with dowels and glue, and then edged in angle iron. 

We really enjoyed this project because of the involvement of the client. He and his wife were involved in the design from the start and even helped with the installation. We were happy to make changes along the way, like switching around the angle iron from the back to the front to give a cleaner edge. 

Originally this was the whole project, but the client was so happy that we are also creating a built-in vanity and shelves in the bathroom, as well as looking at making a 17-foot bar top.