Junky Desk End Tables

My client had a junky desk that they wanted to be repurposed into something but they weren’t sure what.  As we talked through things, we decided that I could convert it into a couple of end tables for their living room. I first met with them at their rental but they were moving into their own […]

Repurposed Nightstands

I got my hands on an old desk gathering dust in a workshop. It had been handbuilt in the 1880s but nobody really wanted it. And was in rough shape when we started working on it.  My wife and I started working on it together during our 28th anniversary weekend. We started off by taking […]

Office Desk End Tables

The brass handles were polished and gleaming. I put them on the drawers and they popped against the quarter-sawn oak. The tarnished lock looked out of place. I removed it from the drawer and tried brass polish and Tarn-X, but neither worked. And then I took steel wool and sandpaper to it and it shined […]