Beautiful vintage Danish Modern style solid wood teak dining table. All parts of the table have been carefully refinished by hand with a durable poly satin finish. The original wood was never stripped; the surface was just buffed out and given a new coat of finish to enhance the original color and protect it. The table is in very good vintage condition.

There were some repairs done to the rails under the table that allow the pieces to slide back and forth, and there was also a repair done on one of the side rails that support the table top. The top is not perfect–it has signs of wear that give it some character and history.

There are no markings on the table, but the wood seems to be teak and its design is the Danish Modern style.

The main table is 66″ long (5 1/2 feet) and 43″ wide. The height is 29″. It seats six comfortably. This is a standard size, except wider than usual, so it allows more room for food and dishes.

The two leaves are each 18″ wide, expanding to a total of 102″ or 8 1/2 feet.

One leaf allows the table to seat 8, both leaves allow it to seat 10 people comfortably. It is a perfect table for entertaining.

I was able to sell the piece on Craig’s List. I talked with the woman a couple weeks later and she gushed how much she loved the table.

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