I got an old piano a couple of years ago through a friend and took out the harp and strings soon after this. But the project lingered, and I finally completed the transformation. 

I’ve repurposed two pianos before this. One I turned into a desk and another into a wine bar. This one could be used as a desk or a bar. 

After stripping it down, I started cleaning up the outside. It wasn’t in great shape. It was also missing the top, the front piece, and the big piece below. I found these pieces when I was dropping off some stuff at a landfill. And also picked up another piece on Craig’s List. 

I attached the front piece to the back of the piano and had it spray painted by a professional painter. I refinished the top in a dark stain and then created the desktop with recycled wood that had once been part of an old homestead near Winter Park, Colo. The part below was some wainscoting I had in my garage. I stained and finished the desktop and lower piece with the same stain as the top. 

I trimmed out the desktop and lower part with white trim, and then added puck lights to shine down on the desktop. These are controlled through a remote.