Arizona Couch Table

I got a couple of gorgeous pieces of Ash from ArborScape Woods. I had some friends that wanted a couch table for their vacation home in Arizona.  After taking off all the bark, I had it flattened at a shop that has the machinery to do it quickly and with great results.  I filled in […]

Sewing Machine Console Table

I got this piece of live edge Ash from ArborScape Wood Products. I planed it down, stripped the bark off the edges, and then sanded it down well. I then finished it with Osmo PolyOil. The finish looks great. I bought the antique Singer treadle sewing machine from a local fella and then attached it […]

Pergola Patio Table

The pergola attached to the back of our house was in bad shape and didn’t provide much shade because it faced. And I felt like it blocked us from enjoying the big trees in our backyard.  My wife and I took it down and set it aside for a year or so. I got motivated […]

Primitive Trunk Coffee Table

I bought this old dirty trunk at an estate sale. Loved the hand-painted lid, the colors, and the character. Once home, I gave it a good cleaning with a natural brush and soapy water. After that, I used several coats of semi-gloss polyurethane to make the wood and metal trim shine. I used polyurethane on […]

Rocky Mountain Console Table

I love working with reclaimed wood. The wood from this table came from fence rails from a ranch near Winter Park, Colo. You can see similar fence rails in the last picture in the gallery below.  The wood has great character, including gnarly knots and nail holes.  I planed down the wood enough to make […]

Billiard Tabletops

My clients wanted to add 24” x 24” cocktail tables to his game room. He wanted them to be supported on the wall and didn’t want legs on them. So, we had to come up with a solution for this. Originally, we were going to use 2×4’s to create the top, burn them with a […]