I got an old piano a couple of years ago through a friend and took out the harp and strings soon after this. But the project lingered, and I finally completed the transformation.  I’ve repurposed two pianos before this. One I turned into a desk and another into a wine bar. This one could be […]

A Desk to Remember

My client connected with me about converting a piano into a desk. He had tried to donate the piano but it had a cracked soundboard so they couldn’t take it. He came up with the idea of converting it to a desk to honor his wife who had passed away the previous summer.  We talked […]

Piano Wine Bar

repurposed piano wine bar Denver

This repurposed piano bar has been created from an upright Wurlitzer piano and is a great conversation piece. It provides a handy and unique addition to your entertaining area. Almost all parts of the bar were created with original pieces from the piano. It has been painted a dark espresso brown and sealed with polyurethane. […]