Case Bonita Wallhanging

Well, Casa Bonita made it through COVID by being bought by the creators of South Park. And there is a lottery to get tickets to get into the restaurant now.  It’s been around a long time and is an icon on West Colfax. It’s been the place of many visits with out-of-towners and birthday parties. […]

Honeymoon Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging before Christmas for a buddy of mine. He and his wife had honeymooned in the Bahamas and had a favorite hangout called the Chat ‘N’ Chill. He surprised her with this wall hanging. Its unique shape fits into a portion of a wall in their recently remodeled basement. I built […]

Celebrity Fun Center Wall Hanging

If you grew up in Denver, most likely you spent a lot of time at Celebrity Fun Center. I made this big wall hanging (5′ x 3.5′) from reclaimed fence slats on top of a frame I built. It’s already been sold but I can create another one for $295.

Giant Denver Postcard

I’ve always loved the old “Greetings From …” postcards and have collected several over the years. And since I live in Denver, I thought I’d put together one. I’d done a couple of them before. You can see them here and here.  This one is bigger than the other ones and is sturdy. I started […]

Mister Donut

This sign was built with repurposed fence slats with a strong frame and heavy duty hanger. There is matte finish polyurethane on the image and raw cedar fencing at the background.

El Rancho Brewing

El Rancho has been in business since 1954 in Evergreen, Colo. It started as a trading post and is now a restaurant and brewery. You can visit it just off I-70 in Evergreen.  This wall hanging is made from repurposed fence slats on a solid frame with a heavy-duty hanger. It’s 5′ x 3.5′. Its […]

Aristocrat Motor Hotel

Address: 3503 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 In Business: No This sign was built with repurposed fence slats with a strong frame and heavy duty hanger. There is semi-gloss polyurethane on the actual image and matte polyurethane on the raw wood. 

White Fence Farm

This restaurant opened in 1973 and was a mainstay restaurant in Lakewood, Colo., until it closed in December 2018. I didn’t have the chance to visit the restaurant very often but we had our wedding rehearsal there back in 1991. This wallhanging has already been sold but we can easily make another similar one. Just […]

Trail’s End Motel

Address: 9025 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO The sign at this location is truly old school. Can’t say much about the accommodations there. Some people have said it’s pretty nasty but if you’re willing to take a risk, go for it. But I’m more interested in the cool sign.  Get in Touch! Are you interesting […]