Very Poplar Headboard

My client wanted a unique headboard. She’d already done the whole IKEA thing and wanted something that would last and would make a statement. After talking through her whole project, we concluded that a live edge headboard would make that statement. We met at my live edge vendor and looked through a bunch of slabs. […]

Fire Sale Mantel

This was my first epoxy project. I got a great deal on the slab. There had been a fire at the wood place and it smelled like smoke. I had it flattened at 4 Chicks Furniture and it took away any smell.  I taped up the bottom and edges as well as I could. Unfortunately, some of […]

Arizona Couch Table

I got a couple of gorgeous pieces of Ash from ArborScape Woods. I had some friends that wanted a couch table for their vacation home in Arizona.  After taking off all the bark, I had it flattened at a shop that has the machinery to do it quickly and with great results.  I filled in […]

Gift Mantel from Friends

Some friends of mine had a friend moving into a new home and wanted to do something special for her so they called me about building a new fireplace mantel for her as a housewarming gift. I was happy to do it.  I met with the homeowner to assess the situation, take some measurements, and […]

Headboard Revived

This was originally a headboard I created from old fence slats. We remodeled our guest bedroom and took the opportunity to redo the headboard with diluted white paint and some polyurethane. We loved how it turned out

Sewing Machine Console Table

I got this piece of live edge Ash from ArborScape Wood Products. I planed it down, stripped the bark off the edges, and then sanded it down well. I then finished it with Osmo PolyOil. The finish looks great. I bought the antique Singer treadle sewing machine from a local fella and then attached it […]

Pergola Patio Table

The pergola attached to the back of our house was in bad shape and didn’t provide much shade because it faced. And I felt like it blocked us from enjoying the big trees in our backyard.  My wife and I took it down and set it aside for a year or so. I got motivated […]

Giant Denver Postcard

I’ve always loved the old “Greetings From …” postcards and have collected several over the years. And since I live in Denver, I thought I’d put together one. I’d done a couple of them before. You can see them here and here.  This one is bigger than the other ones and is sturdy. I started […]

Rocky Mountain Console Table

I love working with reclaimed wood. The wood from this table came from fence rails from a ranch near Winter Park, Colo. You can see similar fence rails in the last picture in the gallery below.  The wood has great character, including gnarly knots and nail holes.  I planed down the wood enough to make […]

Western-Style Island Wrap

My customer had seen a kitchen peninsula wrapped at a friend’s house and asked me to do it at their house.  We discussed different options and they gave me a picture they’d found on Pinterest. So, I started getting together ideas.  I bought some 1″ x 4″ and stained them with black stained and put […]