Food Truck Live Edge Counter

Some friends had a small food truck that was very cute but needed the counter repaired and refinished.  The live edge counter was broken and the finish was in bad shape.  The first thing I did was repair the crack and fill the crack in with some epoxy. I then stripped off the finish and […]

Saving a Childhood Memory

My client had a bedroom set since she was a kid. It had a kind of cool design to it but it was made of particle board with a nice veneer on the outside. The was take residue on the wood from several moves and we decided to paint it.  But as I was working […]

Butcher Block Kitchen Island

I found this piece at the Salvage Design Center and it was in rough shape. I was originally going to refinish it but switched directions to painting the body instead when I realized I needed to use filler on some broken parts, plus it was great wood. I took it all apart, filled in cracks, […]

Mid Century Liquor Cabinet

A year ago I was contacted about converting a lowboy Mid Century Modern dresser into something useful. She had sold it and a highboy dresser to a woman. The problem was the woman just took the drawer and subsequently left all the drawers in her car during a hot Denver summer. The drawers were ruins […]

Doors to Match the Floor

I recently worked on finishing 12 doors for a new client. They were made of Douglas Fir and the plan was to match them to some walnut countertops she had created. I stained a sample door with the stain given to me but the client decided she wanted the doors to match her floors instead, […]

Dresser Transformation into Bench

[ My client had a Mid Century Modern dresser she tried to sell. The buyer paid half and took the drawers with her. She left them in her car during a hot summer day and the drawers were ruined. My client was left with a dresser without drawers – practically useless. The dresser had been […]

Danish Modern Dining Table

Beautiful vintage Danish Modern style solid wood teak dining table. All parts of the table have been carefully refinished by hand with a durable poly satin finish. The original wood was never stripped; the surface was just buffed out and given a new coat of finish to enhance the original color and protect it. The […]

Birdseye Maple Dresser

I bought a birdseye maple dresser for $20 at a yard sale a while back. I’ve always been a fan of birdseye maple. This dresser had been hand built by his grandfather about 80 years ago. Most of the dresser was in good shape except for some green ink stains on the top of the […]

Pie Safe

I got this pie safe several months ago. You can see from the picture it was very dirty and beaten up. I found it in the garage at an estate sale in Aurora and made the mistake of buying it without taking it out into the sun to see exactly I was getting. The doors were […]