Case Bonita Wallhanging

Well, Casa Bonita made it through COVID by being bought by the creators of South Park. And there is a lottery to get tickets to get into the restaurant now.  It’s been around a long time and is an icon on West Colfax. It’s been the place of many visits with out-of-towners and birthday parties. […]


I got an old piano a couple of years ago through a friend and took out the harp and strings soon after this. But the project lingered, and I finally completed the transformation.  I’ve repurposed two pianos before this. One I turned into a desk and another into a wine bar. This one could be […]

Headboard Revived

This was originally a headboard I created from old fence slats. We remodeled our guest bedroom and took the opportunity to redo the headboard with diluted white paint and some polyurethane. We loved how it turned out

Honeymoon Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging before Christmas for a buddy of mine. He and his wife had honeymooned in the Bahamas and had a favorite hangout called the Chat ‘N’ Chill. He surprised her with this wall hanging. Its unique shape fits into a portion of a wall in their recently remodeled basement. I built […]

Celebrity Fun Center Wall Hanging

If you grew up in Denver, most likely you spent a lot of time at Celebrity Fun Center. I made this big wall hanging (5′ x 3.5′) from reclaimed fence slats on top of a frame I built. It’s already been sold but I can create another one for $295.

Pergola Patio Table

The pergola attached to the back of our house was in bad shape and didn’t provide much shade because it faced. And I felt like it blocked us from enjoying the big trees in our backyard.  My wife and I took it down and set it aside for a year or so. I got motivated […]

Denver Map Cabinet

I got this old dresser off of Craig’s List who had tried working on it but ran out of motivation, energy, and money to do something significant with it. He had already to done a bit with it to make it more sturdy but the finish needed a lot of help. I tried to strip […]

Primitive Trunk Coffee Table

I bought this old dirty trunk at an estate sale. Loved the hand-painted lid, the colors, and the character. Once home, I gave it a good cleaning with a natural brush and soapy water. After that, I used several coats of semi-gloss polyurethane to make the wood and metal trim shine. I used polyurethane on […]

Rocky Mountain Console Table

I love working with reclaimed wood. The wood from this table came from fence rails from a ranch near Winter Park, Colo. You can see similar fence rails in the last picture in the gallery below.  The wood has great character, including gnarly knots and nail holes.  I planed down the wood enough to make […]

Junky Desk End Tables

My client had a junky desk that they wanted to be repurposed into something but they weren’t sure what.  As we talked through things, we decided that I could convert it into a couple of end tables for their living room. I first met with them at their rental but they were moving into their own […]