I got an old piano a couple of years ago through a friend and took out the harp and strings soon after this. But the project lingered, and I finally completed the transformation.  I’ve repurposed two pianos before this. One I turned into a desk and another into a wine bar. This one could be […]

Very Poplar Headboard

My client wanted a unique headboard. She’d already done the whole IKEA thing and wanted something that would last and would make a statement. After talking through her whole project, we concluded that a live edge headboard would make that statement. We met at my live edge vendor and looked through a bunch of slabs. […]

Fire Sale Mantel

This was my first epoxy project. I got a great deal on the slab. There had been a fire at the wood place and it smelled like smoke. I had it flattened at 4 Chicks Furniture and it took away any smell.  I taped up the bottom and edges as well as I could. Unfortunately, some of […]

Arizona Couch Table

I got a couple of gorgeous pieces of Ash from ArborScape Woods. I had some friends that wanted a couch table for their vacation home in Arizona.  After taking off all the bark, I had it flattened at a shop that has the machinery to do it quickly and with great results.  I filled in […]

Gift Mantel from Friends

Some friends of mine had a friend moving into a new home and wanted to do something special for her so they called me about building a new fireplace mantel for her as a housewarming gift. I was happy to do it.  I met with the homeowner to assess the situation, take some measurements, and […]

Honeymoon Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging before Christmas for a buddy of mine. He and his wife had honeymooned in the Bahamas and had a favorite hangout called the Chat ‘N’ Chill. He surprised her with this wall hanging. Its unique shape fits into a portion of a wall in their recently remodeled basement. I built […]

Food Truck Live Edge Counter

Some friends had a small food truck that was very cute but needed the counter repaired and refinished.  The live edge counter was broken and the finish was in bad shape.  The first thing I did was repair the crack and fill the crack in with some epoxy. I then stripped off the finish and […]

Celebrity Fun Center Wall Hanging

If you grew up in Denver, most likely you spent a lot of time at Celebrity Fun Center. I made this big wall hanging (5′ x 3.5′) from reclaimed fence slats on top of a frame I built. It’s already been sold but I can create another one for $295.

Sewing Machine Console Table

I got this piece of live edge Ash from ArborScape Wood Products. I planed it down, stripped the bark off the edges, and then sanded it down well. I then finished it with Osmo PolyOil. The finish looks great. I bought the antique Singer treadle sewing machine from a local fella and then attached it […]

Pergola Patio Table

The pergola attached to the back of our house was in bad shape and didn’t provide much shade because it faced. And I felt like it blocked us from enjoying the big trees in our backyard.  My wife and I took it down and set it aside for a year or so. I got motivated […]